• VICE SQUAD RAIDS: Fighting Sex Trafficking and tourism around the FIFA World Cup 2010© Hazel Thompson

    Two officers struggle to restrain one of the prostitutes caught selling herself on Koeberg road in Maitland, Cape Town.© Hazel Thompson

  • CAGE - 'Taken'- Rekha's Story

    Rekha's reunion with her sick father in Nepal. Rekha is from a small village in the valleys of western Nepal. At the tender age of 14, her adopted brother sold her to a brothel in Mumbai.

  • Ranu Village

    © Hazel Thompson

  • © Hazel Thompson
  • The Duke of Beauforts Hunt© Hazel Thompson
  • Sexual Violence in the Congo - Villages targeted by rebels

    Maria Shuluba, 53, raped collecting firewoodStanding in her village where a massacre took place. 18 people where killed and 9 women abducted. In that village it's believed the perpetrators were the Rastas.© Hazel Thompson